Today's Daily Agenda

1. Attendance

  • Welcomes
  • Plank Holder Class

2. Writing Activity

  • Talk about your thoughts about Hurricane Harvey
  • Pair Shate
  • Talk about the uses of writing about it

2. Distribute Syllabus

  • Review
  • Questions

3. Write your full name with a dip pen

4. Discuss the impact of writing

5. Definitions of Writing

  • Use portable research devices
  • Go beyond Google def.
  • Share some

6. What's it like to write with a dip pen?

  • How did it feel?
  • If you were bound to this technology, how might it change the way you right

7. Some discussion of the new Writing Studies Track

  • Where to find stuff.
  • Qestions

8. Discussion of career paths and goals.

  • Monster
  • Jobs'gov
  • Others

9. Note we're building a flexible, useful professional portfolio.

10. Next Time

  • Get all needed stuff
  • ReadLindemann in the reading library
  • Write A getting to know you paragraph (What you want me to know about you; also include good contact info