Today's Daily Agenda

From Last Time

  • Get all needed stuff
  • ReadLindemann in the reading library
  • Write A getting to know you paragraph (What you want me to know about you; also include good contact info

1. Writing Time

  • What is one of the first things you remember reading OR writing? (Choose one)
  • Write for ten minutes
  • Pair share

2. Attendance

  • Come get a headset, plug it in, and make sure it works
  • Collect the "Getting to know you Paragraph"

3. Review of how your plans for World Domination are going

4. Questions so far?

5. Class activity

6. Discussion

  • What were some of the challenges we faced in doing this exercise?
  • Anything else you noticed?
  • General conclusions you can draw about the differences between speaking and writing?

7. Lindemann-

  • Thoughts/Reactions?
  • Review of definition of writing
  • Look at the definition of writing given on page 10
  • Note the communication triangle
  • Explore its elements
  • Look at the Jakobson model.
  • Review Each element
    • Addresser 11
    • Addressee 12
      • Reader vs. Audience
      • Audience Addressed vs. Audience Invoked
    • Context 14
    • Message 14
    • Contact 15
    • Code 15
      • Note the 3 elements of the English graphic system on 16
  • can you read the OE passage on page 17?
  • look at the ramifications of the chart on page 20:
  • Note that, the kind of writing you do is shaped strongly by the element you emphasize the most.

8. Thoughts? Questions?

9. Next time:

  • Get or bring two definitions of literacy (to share with the class)
  • ReadBaron in the Reading Library
  • Write Begin work on Literacy Autobiography. Bring questions!