5. End of Unit I Assessment: Take out a piece of paper and answer the following questions:

  • What did you learn about the discipline of writing studies from your literacy autobiography (you can refer to the readings, your own writing, or both?
  • What, if any, problems have you had with setting up your web portfolio?
  • One thing that is working well in this class for me is __________
  • A way this class could be improved is _____________
  • (Optional) List anything else you think I should know

6. Take ten minutes to prepare this this activity. You will present these to the class.

  • Share definition of meme
  • Share THREE funny memes
  • Share Three memes you don't think your parents would get
  • Share ONE meme you don't get

7. Next time:


Devitt in Blackboard


  • Weekly reflection Due on Readings on Transfer and on Bawarshi, submitted in Blackboard

Work on your Genre Analysis