Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Discuss Reading
Questions to ponder:

  • What are the issues the authors bring up about English in a multicultural world?
  • What do Meyer and Land mean when they say that "learners must "see through and see with""?
  • Skim the Table of Contents in the book. Why might these be troublesome?
  • What can we gather than prior knowledge is?
  • Why might the two reactions mentioned be "this is so obvious" and "what are these people talking about"?
  • Consider the idea of a "discourse community". What is it? Is it inherently inclusive or exclusive?
  • Don't write down your answers, just be thinking about them. Be ready to discuss some of these ideas.

    In class Assignment 1

\\Homework: Read Concepts 1.0-1.4 in the text book (pgs. 17-25). Think about whether you agree with these ideas.
Writing Assignment: A lot of these concepts deal with meaning and how it is created and deciphered. Think about a time when you wrote something that was horribly misunderstood. What was the result? How could you have made that meaning clearer? Think about and frame this last question in terms of you as the author and the audience as the reader.