Everyone should read all of Concept 4 in NWWK. However, groups of students will be assigned 1 of the sections (listed below). Each group should be prepared to give a brief presentation on Monday about their threshold concept.

Presentation Requirements

  • No more than 2 minutes - the group provides an overview and explanation of their concept.
  • Everyone should have a speaking part.
  • Each group member should select a quote from the passage and create a quotation sandwich for it.
    • Quote Sandwich Step 1-- Lead with Your Idea or Point about the passage.
    • Quote Sandwich Step 2 -- Insert the quote.
    • Quote Sandwich Step 3 -- Analyze, explain, comment on this quote.
  • "4.0 All Writers Have More to Learn" by Shirley Rose
    • Jake, Mark
  • "4.1 Text is an Object Outside of Oneself That Can Be Improved and Developed" by Charles Bazerman and Howard Tinberg
  1. Tyler, Michael, Bowie
  • "4.2 Failure Can Be An Important Part of Writing Development" by Collin Brooke and Allison Carr
  • Felicity, Mariann, Jennifer
  • "4.3 Learning to Write Effectively Requires Different Kinds of Practice, Time, and Effort
    • Samantha and Michaela
  • "4.4 Revision is Central to Developing Writing" by Doug Downs
  • Jared and Aaron
  • "4.5 Assessment is Essential Component of Learning to Write" by Peggy O'Neill
    • Kaylen & an absent person (Jacklyn
  • "4.6 Writing Involves the Negotiation of Language Differences'' by Paul Kei Matsuda
    • Claudia and Branson