Prewriting and Primary Source Analysis

Activity #2-Genre

This activity is designed to get you actively evaluating and assessing your primary source document. Also, this activity is designed to help you understand the idea that writers select and use genres to convey their ideas.

Please create a to 1 page response to the following:

  • Name and describe the type of genre your primary source document is. Describe how this genre was used in the time period in which it appeared.
  • How was this genre disseminated?
  • Who composed in this type of genre?
  • Who was the typical audience for this genre?

Here are some different types of primary source genres: personal letters, campaign speeches, books, pamphlets, political cartoons, laws, decrees, bills of sale, and advertisements.

As always, the information you present should be organized into well-developed paragraphs.

You should have time in class to complete this paragraph. Turn in to Blackboard under content in 1302!!!! It will be due by midnight.