Prewriting and Drafting - Primary Source Analysis

Activity #3-Writing Goes Out Into The Word and Makes Something Happen

This activity is designed to get you actively evaluating and assessing your primary source document. It is also designed to help gain an awareness that people use writing as a tool to do work and accomplish tasks. Additionally, you can use the writing you do for this activity as content for your Writing Project 3 - Critical Analysis II.

Please create a 1 page response to the following:

How did your primary source document “go out into the world and make something”? That is, what did your primary source accomplish?

As you write this, think about your readers. Help them understand what your primary source document is all about. You should also explain why you chose this document.

Provide evidence in your response from your primary and secondary sources from your research to prove this. Please use a combination of direct quotes and paraphrasing. Cite these works properly.

 (Please note our class is working with a wide variety of primary source documents.  Some of them are famous for what they accomplished; while others are simple personal letters.  Subsequently, everyone will have unique response to this question.  That’s okay :).

As always, the information you present should be organized into well-developed paragraphs.

You will have time today in class to complete this. However, I will set it due on Blackboard under content by midnight.