• Your Proposal for Purpose, Audience, and Genre is due today by the end of the day in my office. The easiest way to turn in this assignment is to bring it to class!
  • New Genre is due in Blackboard by April 14th at the end of the day.

Looking at Your Writing

Word Choice Spring 2017

MLA Citation Blues?

Naming What You Know: What Have You Learned about how People Have Used Writing to go out into the world and make things happen.

Please create a mini-argument. Your argument should be based on a claim. You should support your claim by referencing the following:

  • a primary source document from history class or from your research for the academic presentations
  • any other genre of writing that you use frequently!

The Academic Presentations

Each presentation should group needs to meet with me prior to April 20th discuss the academic presentation and to rehearse!

  • Wednesday -- 3 to 4
  • Thursday -- 11 to 1 and 2 to 4
  • Friday -- 8 to 11 (With both me and Professor Hartman)
  • Monday -- 3 to 5
  • Tuesday -- 11 to 4:30
  • Wednesday 3 to 4
  • Thursday -- Show Time! Presentation starts!

Key Elements to Great Presentation

  • Remember this Presentation is Multi-modal
    • Visual element with the PowerPoint
    • Oral presentation
  • PowerPoint is its own genre of writing -- make certain you observe the conventions and best practices of this genre!
  • Practice and rehearse! You should NOT read off of the slides. Know your topic well enough that the information on each slide is memory queue for what you need to say!
  • Cite sources in-text and in the oral presentation
  • Practice and rehearse to make certain you have a solid 4 to 6 minute presentation (not over or under)


  • Tonight the Writing Project 3 - The Proposal is due
  • Friday - the New Genre is due
  • On April 16th, each group needs to submit a completed version (Rough Draft) of their PowerPoint to Blackboard. Please one submission per group