• Exam III --how did it go?
  • Registration Tales --how did it go? Did you get your dream schedule or no?
  • Remember that Dr. Z is offering a slew of extra credit opportunities in Psychology! Be certain that you take advantage of these opportunities if you need to bolster your grades!

Learning and Memory: Myth Busting Workshop - This assignment is due Friday, April 14th by 10:00 pm is Psychology Blackboard!

Remember that the paper has a basic 3X3X3X3 structure

  • 3 Learning or Studying Myths
  • 3 Learning and Memory Strategies based on psychological research
  • 3 Applications of Strategies to real learning or studying situations at school or work
  • 3 Sources cited in-text with a corresponding page of References

Other important requirements for this Essay/Report

  • APA title page
  • An abstract
  • Traditional essay structure with an Introduction with thesis, body paragraphs, and a conclusion (Note: the assignment instructions provide a lovely thesis statement that you could revise and make your own!)

Suggestion: It would be wise to revisit the Learning and Memory chapters in your Psychology Book! This should help you get some ideas for your introduction and the a quick review will help jog your memory about the concepts you are writing about in the Myth Busting Essay/Report.

This assignment will be graded by using the following assessment criteria:

  • Meeting the requirements of the assignment
  • Quality of writing
  • Quality and integration of sources
  • APA Formatting and Citation
  • Demonstration of foundational knowledge about Memory and Learning from the Psych book and Lecture

Setting Revision Goals in Today's Class with Self-Review

Look at the assessment criteria above and determine the area with which you need the most help. Based on your evaluation, you will need to choose a revision option:

  • Office hours with Me (M and W 3-4; T 12:00-4:30 and by appointment)
  • Office Hours with Dr. Zoccolillo (make sure to make an appointment: W 9:30-10:30//R 8:30-9:15)
  • Writing Center Consultation
  • Getting a little help from your friends with peer review!


Finish your revisions on the Learning and Memory Myth Busting Assignment. Remember this assignment is due on Friday, April 14th by 10 p.m. in the Psychology Blackboard.