• You gotta hold on 'cuz we are almost done!
  • Regarding attendance for Presentation Days, come to class.
    • Missing class on your day to present will result in a zero.
    • Missing class on a day when you are acting as an audience for your peers will result in a 10% deduction from your presentation grade.
    • Here is what it will look like: Your B would morph into a C.
    • I can, of course, work with in the event of a true catastrophe or problem. However, you will need to provide university-approved documentation.

Academic Presentations and The PowerPoint -- Know the Conventions of this Genre and Modality of Persuading An Audience

Today, Practice the Opening and the Closing to Your Presentations

Each presentation team will "present" to the class the opening and the closing to their presentations. Everyone should have a speaking part!

  • The opening should include information from the first two slides
    • Intro the "Sexy Title" and each group member by first and last name
    • Provide the broad theme and the rationale for how the individual topics fit into that theme
  • Closing Moves
    • Reemphasize how your different topics connect to your theme.
    • Reemphasize why these historical topics are still relevant to important social, political and cultural issues today.
    • Here is our Works Cited
    • This concludes our presentation. Are there any questions?

The Portfolio

The Assignment Description