• We need to talk presentation schedule!
  • Everyone needs to be prepared to present on Thursday. This means come dressed and prepared for success! You should wear something spiffy and business casual like!

Proposal Feedback

  • The Unholy Trinity of the comma Splice, the run-on, and the fragment: Worksheet
    • The dog ran away it was hungry.
    • Because the dog ran away.
    • The dog ran away, it was hungry.
    • Because the dog ran away, the owners called lost pet hotline.
    • The dog with brown spots, ran away from home.

Presentation Schedule

  • Detailed Rubric for Presentation
  • Conference Schedules here:
  • The 8:00 Section needs to craft thesis statements for your presentation in class
  • Organization and Structure of your Presentation
    • Here is my thesis
    • Here are 4 important aspects of the historical context that the audience needs to consider to understand my argument
    • Here are 2 strong reasons with evidence that support my thesis
    • Here is how my primary source factors in
    • Here is why this historical event or person is significant: the modern-day connection

Group Dynamics

  • What have been some challenges your group has encountered so far as you prepare for your academic presentations?
    • Communication
    • Meeting deadlines
    • Brainstorming, composing, and offering critical insight to team members on content for both the oral and visual presentations
    • Differences in work ethic and participation
    • Differences in availability to meet
  • How has your group responded to these challenges? Did everyone demonstrate a problem-solving mentality?

Evaluate your own efforts (Please answer these questions and offer a brief explanation for your answers):

  • Have you been an effective communicator on your team? Have you initiated communication outside of class via email, phone, or text? Have you responded to your teammates when they have reached out to you?
  • Have you been instrumental in turning in your work on time to meet deadlines? If not, did you make arrangements with your group members to inform them?
  • Have you been engaged in the composing process for this assignment by demonstrating a strong work ethic?
  • Have you sought the advice of your teammates?
  • Have you offered them advice or praise?
  • Overall, how would you rate yourself as a team member of this group? (Good, Average, or Needs Improvement)
  • How would your team rate you? (Good, Average, or Needs Improvement)