Presentation Schedule

Optional Assignment

For those of you who need to bolster your grade in this class, you might want to consider the following optional assignment:

Write a 2 page reflection about your writing and composing process for the academic presentation. In many ways, this project presented a really unique rhetorical situation for you to write and compose:

  • You were composing a powerpoint and a oral presentation.
  • You had to use alphabetic text (words in print), the spoken word and images to convey your message.
  • You had to rely on research and learning that you did for Writing Project 2.
  • You had to compose within a tight time constraint.
  • You had to work and compose in a collaborative setting
  • You had to "publish" your work in a live setting to a live audience.

Thinking about these factors, how did they influence and complicate your writing process for the academic presentation? In what was this writing process was different than the writing process for the Critical Analysis? In what ways, was it the same or similar?

Please be certain to incorporate the basic writing process terms in your reflection.

Hint: This easily could be used in the Reflective Overview of your Portfolio. Take a look at the portion of the assignment description on process:

Your work in Learning Community E has been writing intensive, and Dr. Wooster spoke of the writing process as it pertained to the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. As you've no doubt come to realize, writing is a non-linear process, that moves back and forth through various stages. These stages include: Brainstorming/Pre-writing/Invention Drafting Revision Peer Response Editing Publication