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  • The time to take advantage of your extra credit opportunities is fast disappearing.

Conversations about Culture - 5 Minute Reflection!

Over the course of the semester, you have learned that Psychology is the scientific study of the way humans think, behave, and feel.

  • In this reflection, consider why psychologists pay attention to cultural influences as they study human behavior?
  • Thinking practically, why do you think it might be important for you and other college students to understand how culture shapes the way individuals think, feel, and behave?
  • What have you learned from your Cultural Conversation assignments about how culture influences human behavior? (Be specific!)

The Cultural Conversations - The Final Paper

Here are Dr. Z's instructions from his Blackboard

For this paper you will include excerpts from all 4 of your journals completed this semester into one cohesive paper, with an introduction, conclusion, and transitions. This will be due on the day of the final exam, Friday, May 5th at the end of the day.

The Final Paper Game Plan

  • This is assignment should be submitted as a single document with APA formatting. Please include a title page with a running head.
  • If you are missing any of cultural conversation assignments, you should definitely conduct the interviews and write them up so that your final paper will be complete.
  • Introduction
    • Make certain you have an introduction that establishes the context for the essay. How could you do this?
    • If you talk about our our Learning Community, Islanders Rewired, Psychology, Being a college student, Culture, the Cultural Conversation Assignment, and understanding human behavior, you probably are on the right track!
    • Let your reader know that the your essay focuses on 4 interviews that investigates different aspects of culture.
  • The Conclusion
    • Wrap it up by providing some assessment about what you have learned as a result of conducting these different interviews.
    • What did you learn about yourself and your cultural biases and what did you learn about the cultures of other individuals?
    • Why is culture important to the field of Psychology?
  • What about That 4th Interview - Story Corps
  • Story Corps Sample
  • Let's complete the assignment instructions with Steps 1-5.

It's Kind of a Funny Story

  • Themes -- Let's generate some themes!