• Don't forget to do your course evaluations!
  • Here's what's due on Monday, May 1st in Psychology
    • Story Corps Conversation is due and must be loaded to the App
    • Ch. 13 - Quiz - Myths about Therapy
    • Ch. 12 -Video Quiz - Signs of Suicide
    • Ch. 12 -Video Quiz - Myths about Mental Illness
    • Ch. 12 -Animation Quiz: Schizophrenia
  • For the English, Folks -- Genre 2 due today!

The Final Reflection for Seminar -- Learning Community I - Islanders Rewired

  • The Assignment Sheet
  • '''Things to Consider for this Writing Assignment
    • Avoid the use of the phrase "a lot." 10 point deduction for every "a lot"! (Just joking!)
    • Avoid the use of YOU. Talk about YOURSELF! Use I!
    • Seriously, here is a plan to avoid the "a lot" syndrome by doing some brainstorming with Inquiry!
      • What claims are going to make here in response the prompt?
      • How are you going to provide evidence for this claim????
      • Specifically, what kinds of examples, details, anecdotes from your own learning experiences are you going to use to ILLUSTRATE your points?
  • Key phrases to help incorporate your evidence!
  • For instance
  • A good example of how I used what I learned about in Psychology to my own life would be ...'''
  • Thinking critically about this concept, I ....
  • This is significant because ....

Opportunities to Rewire!

  • End-of-the-Year Social
  • Stress Management and Stress Busting Activities!
    • Tuesday May 2nd, 12pm-3pm
    • Paws on the Island at the Counseling Center
    • Mindful Labyrinth on the East Lawn