• Turn in Your 10 questions!
  • Test This Week
    • Cultural Conversation Challenge --Get your Cultural Conversation assignment by Wednesday in Psychology and get some extra credit in Seminar!
  • April 7th is the drop date!
  • You need to bring a hardcopy of your Learning and Memory: Myth Busting Essay/Report on Monday for Peer Review! Make certain that this draft has in-text citations in it so that we can work on citations!

Critical Thinking Question: What is the difference between conscious and conscience?

Psychological Defense Mechanisms -Act It Out

Psychological Defense Mechanisms

  • Suppression
  • Sublimination
  • Denial
  • Rationalization
  • Intellectualization
  • Projection
  • Reaction Formation
  • Regression
  • Displacement

Registration Drill

Registration worksheet

Freud Doodles Activity

Freudian Fun

APA Recap

Citation Tips


  • Finish a rough draft and bring a hard copy to class on Monday, April 10th of the Learning and Memory: Myth Busting Essay or Report
  • Work on your Orion Proficiency
  • Study for the test --remember distributed practice works best!