• Last day to drop a class is on April 7th. If you are considering dropping any of your courses in Learning Community E, please consult with both Hartman and me to see what your best options ares!
  • Hang in there and resist the urge to skip the class!
  • Let's Talk due dates for WP3!

Here is what we need to be thinking about this Week!

Juggling Writing Project 3 and Group Research Presentations

In-class Focus for this Week -Writing Project 3

In-class Focus for Next Week - Group Research Presentations'

Students will be given time to work on their group presentations.

Each presenter should strive to do the following:

  • Present a strong oral presentation that is backed up high quality academic research
  • Present a strong PowerPoint that is supported by high quality academic research
  • Present strong and compelling visual rhetoric to support overall thesis of the project

Individual Presentations (4 to 6 minutes long)

  • Introduction with Key Research Question and Thesis Statement
  • Historical Context
    • Should demonstrate a thorough and informed understanding of the topic
    • Should cite scholarly sources throughout to lend credibility and authority to the presentation
    • Should help the audience to get a good, general understanding to the times, events, and social customs that affected your topic
  • Argument
    • Should have a specific, focused structure
    • Should be supported by strong reasoning and supported with evidence from scholarly sources
    • Should incorporate a primary source document
    • Should address why this historical topic is significant for modern audiences by positing its connection or relationship to a modern-day issue.
      • Should demonstrate an informed understanding of the modern-day issue
      • Should provide the audience with some context information about the modern-day issue and cite at least one source
  • Conclusion -- Wrap it up by being catchy and thought-provoking and inspiring! Challenge your audience to do something to make a difference!
  • Works Cited -- don't forget the Works Cited!


  • Come to class on Thursday (Today) ready to pitch your idea for Writing Project 3 - The Proposal for Purpose, Genre, and Audience to peers and the professora!
    • Pitches should be compelling and convincing while only lasting 2 minutes!
    • Everyone will pitch his or her idea for the purpose, audience, and genre for the proposal.
  • Your pitch should include the following:
    • Your choices for Purpose, Genre, and Audience
    • Rationales or justifications for these choices
    • Evidence of Research

You will get feedback from the class and the professora on your pitch. Next step is to write up your pitch into a full-length proposal.

The proposal for Genre, Audience, and Purpose is due in hardcopy in class on Tuesday, April 11th.