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!!Looking at Your Reflective Writing
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!![[Assessing Reflective Writing --What Makes It Good?]]

Please take a look at the following the paragraphs of reflection:

"The most significant reading so far has been contending voices. This is because I understand most of what Hollitz says. They have influenced me by teaching me way more than what I ever thought before. Before this class and its accompanist, I knew I liked history but it has improved tenfold. This is what American history has taught me" --Student Writer

"Well while reading Contending Voices I never thought it was interesting. It's really difficult to read that book, it is so boring. I started reading it because we have reading quizzes. Well while reading the chapters in Contending Voices it did inform me more about history. I learned a lot of things that I didn't know. Chapters in Contending Voices shows conviction and courage because many of the characters in those chapters tried to go and make a change. They tried to change the world and stand up for what they believe in" --Student Writer

"My views on history have changed very much I used think of history as an assignment, now I look at history as a sculptor shaping the future. The sacrifices they made for the future Americans to be equal no matter race or gender. During the semester, I read the primary source of Johnathan Edwards and the cracks in Puritan world in covenant 1662 crisis of faith through writing and expressing my views on the halfway members vs. full members living the Puritans life. I wrote about the conviction of Roger Williams and Anna Hutchinson challenging the church, Williams tried to separate church and state. Hutchinson challenged the gender roles of women the Puritans saw Williams and Hutchinson as a threat to the order of the Puritans life." ---Student Writer

"The views I seek now in history is that I understand the whole context. Also I view it in with a connection to the modern world. It helps find a better understanding of the background that influences the change that occurred." --Student Writer

"I got better at writing by doing the assignments in class and I also learned knew English topics. I also went to the writing center to help me write papers or to teach me things I do not understand in my English class. The two critical thought me that there is so many different styles of writing. That is the one of the things that writing has changed my mine. My view on my own writing has improved. I believe that after this class I have the ability to write better papers." --Student Writer

"I think, with all the writing and practice, I slowly became better at writing and know what to do and what not to do."

*Has the student clearly and explicitly set the context for the his or her learning experience?
*Has the student provided enough specific details and examples to make it clear what has been learned?
*Why this learning is significant?
*Does this piece of writing have the structure of a strong paragraph with a
**Topic Sentence
**Several Sentences of examples, details, and reasons to illustrate the topic sentence.
**A Concluding Sentence that helps the reader to understand the significance of the preceding information?

!!Brainstorm --What is a Novice? What are some specific examples that you could use to illustrate how you were a Novice in Learning Community E, with regards to reading, writing, and learning. What are some other examples of you being a novice?

!!Reflective Overview Essay Parts