Visual Rhetoric at Work

Welcome to Week 2 of Fall Semester 2016!!


  • My office hours for the semester: Mondays and Thursdays in Classroom East 213C from 12 to 2.
  • My Writing Center hours working as a consultant are 10 to 1 on Tuesdays.
  • Today, at 11:00, for 0399, we are meeting in the Writing Center at CASA.

Let's Learn by Doing with Rhetorical Analysis

Each group will present their findings at the end of class! Everyone should have a speaking part. A quick tip about academic audiences: They expect EVIDENCE from their rhetors/writers/speakers. Make certain you have some evidence''' when you get up to speak! This means you will have reasons and examples that draw on the image to back up and support your analysis.


  • Mini-Rhetorical Analysis in Blackboard. Go to Journals. Click on the only option available: Mini-Rhetorical Analysis. Follow the instructions!
  • Get your books!
  • You will need to bring Contending Voices to class on Wednesday and Friday! Remember that you need the new edition of this book! The book is green (not blue).

0399 for this Week