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'''Your ultimate goal is to become a "mini-expert" on '''one particular aspect or focus''' related to your topic. The only way to become an expert is to read and research!'''

Here is the information you need to be collecting for your Rhetorical Situation Project:
*'''Key Features of Historical Context'''
**Who (what groups and individuals) were involved?
**When and When ---Basic details of time and place!
**What issues or problems were at stake?
**What were the different perspectives involved?
**Why were these issues difficult to solve?

*'''The Primary Source Document'''

**How did writing (the primary source) fit into this particular historical context??
**Why did the author write this primary source document. What was he or she responding to in the historical context?
**What was the author's purpose for writing?
***To criticize?
***To inform?
***To praise?
***To make a call-to-action?
***To justify a certain action?
**Who was the intended audience?
**What are some factors that might affect how the audience would receive the information?
**What kind of source is the primary source?
**What was historically significant about this primary source???
**What are 3 important quotes from the primary source?

*'''Making the Modern Day Connection'''
**How does your historical topic connect to what is going on now?
**Why should modern audiences care about this topic and primary source?
**How can you make an argument that history and writing matters in today's world?