Brainstorming Activity Assignment Attached Files: File Brainstorming Activity.docx Click for more options (17.851 KB) Submit the Brainstorming Activity Assignment by the END of class time Feb. 27th

Topic: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Read assignment details for topic specifications/requirements. (See Individual Informative Presentation Assignment details below).

Write the following:

1. General Purpose: Begins with - To inform:

2. Specific Purpose Statement: (Guide to your own preparation of the speech/Audience-centered) Should begin with: “At the end of my presentation, my audience will…” See examples in chapter.

3. Central Idea: (One declarative sentence)

4. Audience Relevance:

5. Generate Main Ideas: These are possible main points – Thursday you will decide on an organizational pattern after reading chapter 12. (Should have between 2 to 3).

I. ______________________________________________

II. ______________________________________________

III. ______________________________________________

6. Include APA Reference page with 3 sources (start this on a new page/follow APA)

  • Note: Begin filling in the Research Synthesis Chart.