Things to Do - Planning For Symposium


  • Set up and agree upon how you are going to communicate.
  • Email
  • Texting
  • ???


  • Discuss and Brainstorm how you are going to divide the workload
  • Who does what and when? Designate specific roles!
  • Who is the leader or coordinator or production manager?

Posterboard Stuff

  • Posterboard buying
  • Posterboard composing and content
    • Visual Appeal is important
    • Academic Audience means --must have a list of Works Cited for the presentation
  • Who is responsible for keeping it and lugging it around?

Posterboard Content

  • Poster should curated to show the overall theme of your presentation.
  • Poster should highlight the historical nature of the topics by including images from history.
  • Poster should convey the idea that writing (primary source documents) was used to go into the world and make something happen.
  • Poster must be equipped with a Works Cited page taped to the back of the Poster.

Presentation Content

  • Introduction
  • Each group will need to have a Presentation Introduction that provides a rationale for why the individual topics are lumped together. You can think of this as a narrative or a story that explains how the individual topics are related.
  • Individual Parts of the Presentation
    • What are the most important things you are going to say about your primary source document?
    • How are you going to say it?
    • What do you want your audiences to understand about your topic? About your primary source document? About history?
    • Presentation must be based on credible academic research.
  • The Conclusion
    • How are you going to wrap it up?
    • Must say "Thank You for listening to my presentation" and "Are there any questions?'''

Practice Times

  • When will the group meet to practice the presentation?
  • How many practice sessions will be needed?

Dressing for Success

  • Pick that outfit!
  • Business casual is a conservative style of clothing. No clubbing attire!