Getting to Know Your Campus (Timed Scavenger Hunt!)

  • I will break you into teams of 4!
  • YOUR GOAL: To visit as many of the places listed below as you can with your Team.
  • EVIDENCE: Gather photographic and/or physical evidence of your visit. Physical evidence can be flyers, handouts, a napkin, and such.
  • CAVEAT: You must return BACK to this classroom at the 30 minute mark from the start of class.


  • You must meet, speak, and take a picture with someone who works in the place that you visit (on the scavenger hunt list). Find out about the services their program offers so that you can teach the class about what you learn. Bring handouts back to class.
  • Do not interrupt someone if they look like they are doing something very important. Be polite. People are trying to work today. REMEMBER: Not only do you need a picture of the encounter, you must be able to report about what services are offered in the various places you visit.
  • MOST IMPORTANT RULE: Don't get me in trouble.
  • Each location is worth a different amount of points based on how important I think the services are. Choose wisely!


  • Islander Transition Center
  • Writing Center
  • CASA Tutoring Center
  • Einstein's Bagels
  • Library Circulation Desk
  • Library Computer Labs
  • Library Reference (ASK ME) Desk
  • Starbucks
  • Programming Assistance Lab (PAL)
  • Career Services
  • Student Engagement and Success (previously known as Student Affairs)
  • UC Information Desk
  • First-Year Learning Communities Program (FYLCP) and/or the Department of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS) offices
  • Counseling Center
  • Health Center
  • Dugan Wellness Center
  • Islander Welcome Center
  • Honors Program
  • Subway
  • BONUS:
    • A video of someone reciting the Islander Pledge
    • A picture of one of your group members touching the feet of Dr. Hector P. Garcia's statue.
    • Pictures of Professor Burnett's office FC 138 and Your Large Lecture Professor's Huerta office - Must have both pictures with all group members in it!

'Be back at 30 Minute Mark. You must be in your chairs ready to discuss where you visited at this time or you will be disqualified.

Prizes will be awarded to the winners!