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5 Minute (Or More) Reflection on First-Year Symposium

Your task here is to create an act of synthesis! Synthesis is a written discussion that draws on one or more sources. For example, your Media's Construction of Gender Essay is a piece of synthesis writing because you are incorporating and citing multiple sources in your paper. So, here you are going to think about your experience presenting at First-Year Symposium as a "source" and the four questions from the prompt for the Learning Community B Final Portfolio as another. Here are those questions:

  • Learning Community B has asked that you adopt/perform the role of the “writer” in many different new situations. What does “a writer” do, and how does it feel to be a “novice writer” working in a college setting? How have you responded to the challenges of being a writer?
  • Identify and explain one concept from Sociology that has helped you to understand something significant about yourself and your interactions with other people from a new and, perhaps, startling perspective. Provide a concrete example of how this concept has affected your experience in the world.
  • Illustrate some of the ways that you have used goal setting, critical thinking, and personal responsibility in Learning Community B to address problems and learning situations, both in and outside of the classroom. How have these things contributed to your development as a student?
  • How has your knowledge about how individuals interact and function as a part of a team expanded as a result of work you have done in Learning Community B? What are some advantages of collaboration? What are some disadvantages?

You need to respond to 3 of the bullet points by making connections to your First-Year Symposium Experience! Let's get to synthesizing! Write quickly!

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