Theodore Parker, who was a radical Unitarian minister and absolitionist, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Margaret Fuller were leaders of the Transcendentalist movement in the 1800s (the 19th century)! Parker's words and ideas were very influential and were used by those who followed him in history! Martin Luther King is often credited with sole authorship of the quote below. However, this is incorrect, because he was relying on Parker's text. (Hint: remember that Margaret Fuller is on your Exam III Review Guide!)


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Texts Get Their Meanings From Other Texts

In NWWK, Section 2.6, Kevin Roozen writes about the way all texts, written and unwritten, are dependent on other texts for their content, meaning, and form.

Consider the quotes above from Theodore Parker and Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • What do you think these authors are trying to say?
  • Consider the historical timeframe in which these two men lived.
    • Can you draw an inference or take an educated guess as to what each man was responding to in their respective historical contexts?
    • Which quote do you prefer and why?
    • How do these two quotes illustrate Roozen's idea that texts get their meanings from other texts?

Think about the following "texts":

  • Your History Exam III Essay
  • Your Final Portfolio
  • Yourself as a student in Learning Community E
  • What are some texts that your History Exam Essay relies on?
  • What are some texts that your Final Portfolio will depend on?
  • What are some texts that shaped and influenced you as a student in Learning Community E??

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