• The Final Draft of Media's Construction of Gender Paper is due this evening by midnight in Blackboard!
  • Reminder: Your portfolio is due on December 13th by 5:00 pm. Turn in the Portfolio to Blackboard.
  • We have a scheduled final time on Thursday, Dec. 8th from 8:00-10:30. I will be there during this time and will be holding a Portfolio and Sociology Exam Workshop. You are not obligated to come to this exam time. However, I think you could really get a lot of good help from me and your peers! Just saying . . .
  • I won't be holding regular office hours on Thursday. However, I will be on campus all week in meetings, at the Writing Center, and in my office in Classroom East 213C. If you would like to meet with me, please set something up via email. I check it frequently!

Texts Get Their Meanings From Other Texts

The Portfolio

If you look at the portfolio rubric, you will see that your work will be assessed based on three broad categories:

  • The Reflective Overview (70 points)
  • Evidence (20 points)
  • Organization (10 points)

If you don't provide evidence, the highest grade you can get is a 70!

Learning Community B Final Portfolio Rubric

Reflective Overview Essay

Reflective Writing Evaluation

Evidence for Portfolios

Parting Thoughts about Writing and Rhetoric from Professor Burnett