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ChimeneBurnett: DevelopingMultipleChoiceQuestions

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Each Group should Work together to create one question for each of the following categories:

Questions should be multiple choice! (Please provide 4 different choices ---a., b., c., and d.)

Make an answer key

Some of the questions should be application based.

Each question you create should demonstrate some critical thinking and creativity in presenting the material.

Use your books, notes, and laptops.

All questions should be completed in first 20 minutes of class

We test take in the last half of the class!

Group 1 (Physiological group)

Group 2 (Safety group)

Group 3 (Love and Belonging group)

A. The scientific study of the human mind and its functions

B. The physical study of the human mind and its functions

C. The mental characteristics or attitude of a person or group

D. The mental and emotional factors governing a situation or an activity

Group 4 (Esteem group)

Group 5 (Self-Actualization group)

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