Professor Burnett, For part 2 of the essay I got a little confused. Are you wanting us to talk about are next research topic for Media's Construction? Or are you wanting us to discuss our Rhetorical analysis and everything that we have previously discussed in class?

In my essay, my thesis should state the main things I will talk about in both part 1 and part 2 and my body will consist of a couple paragraphs about part 1 and a couple paragraphs on part 2, my conclusion will be a mixture of both (three pages or more on length/APA formatt). I wanted to make sure that is okay?

My answer:

You have some good questions here. Regarding Part 2 -- you need to reflect on what you have been learning about gender from your Rhetorical Analysis and elsewhere to identify a specific area of interest that you could investigate for your Media Construction of Gender Paper. The idea is to show me the development of your thinking about gender and how this development has lead you to choosing a specific gender focus. Ideally, you want to show some causality and questioning as you do this.

I would be wary of thinking of a prescribed number of paragraphs for each part. Your paragraph numbers is going to depend how many key points you want to reflect on.

I would not look over any of the front matter in the assignment description and find ways to incorporate some of those ideas and, of course, some of the key concepts from NWWK. Of the actual prompt paragraph is important too.

Here is the front matter:

  • identify how your views of writing have changed;
  • explain what you have learned from new writing situations, and describe how these experiences, which might include failure, contribute to a willingness to accept new

challenges as a writer;

  • demonstrate your ability to collaborate effectively as members of diverse teams / groups of writers;
  • evaluate the ways you have become a more reflective (mindful, self-aware, thoughtful) writer/individual.
  • So, obviously, you have quite a bit of things to reflect on and many possibilities. The idea here is that YOU make decisions about the content. You are the writer. I don't want an essay of bullshit with you saying everything is a rosy, smooth progression.

I would like to you showcase your thinking, learning, and problem-solving strategies with writing. I think if you do this you will really be able to demonstrate your willingness to accept new challenges as a writer.

See how the language in the assignment sheet can really help you write this reflection, but it's up to you to add in the critical element of metacognition (thinking about your thinking).