Writing Into the Day -- Thinking about the Importance of Context for the Rhetorical Analysis and Your History Exam.

Please read the first paragraph in the following link: What is Historical Context?

Please rewrite the main idea of this paragraph in your own words. This is called "paraphrasing." Use a signal phrase at the the beginning of your paraphrase, giving credit to the author for her ideas. It will look like this: '''According to Grace Fleming, context is..."

  • Please note that you will not have any end citation because this online source, like many online sources, does not have page numbers.


  • Wednesday's class - It's Compinar time!
  • Habit of Mind quality --personal responsibility --- if you are struggling with the Rhetorical Analysis, seek help!
    • See Prof. B -- during office hours, by appointment, and phone conferencing are all available
    • See your Seminar Instructors
    • The amazing Writing Center
  • Remember to keep up with your Writing Folder!
    • All your drafts and prewriting work for the Rhetorical Analysis should be stored in your Writing Folder, preferably in its own folder (titled RA Folder or something like that!)
    • If you are absent, you should still complete your Writing Into the Day!
    • Remember your Writing Folder holds the evidence of learning and engagement with course materials!

Class Activities -- Test Prep and Starting the Revision Process

Today, we have two main goals for this class:


  • Study for History Test!
  • If you have extra time, start the revision process for your Rhetorical Analysis by looking a the documents I have posted above. We will return to these on Friday.