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  • Supplemental Instruction with Schedule
    • Monday- 3pm CA 228 (Center for the Arts)
    • Wednesday - 12pm BH 207
    • Thursday - 3pm BH 126
  • Office Hours Schedule for Professor Burnett
    • Monday 3 to 4
    • Tuesday 12 to 2 and 3:30 to 4:30
    • Wednesday 3 to 4
    • by appointment

Homework for Wednesday

Bring your Code Book Exercise and the Coding Results to class. Also, look over your assigned research articles. Have a good understanding of how you are going to make a connection to the Literature. Remember these articles are posted in Dr. Z.'s Blackboard under Content.

Everyone should be in the process of working on their Observation Report to meet the Sunday evening deadline!

5th Week Reflection -- Your Proficiency Scores from Orion and Your Test Grades --Any Correlations???

Looking at What We Need to do for the Observation Report & Presentations

Important Dates:

  • The Observation Report is due on February 19th in the Seminar Blackboard.
  • Group Presentations for the Observation Reports on Monday, February 22nd and Wednesday, February 24th.
    • Section 391 --we will have presentations during our regular class time.
    • Sections 382 and 384 we will be having compinar.
  • Introduction - Discuss why your research question is important. Include a thesis.
  • Literature Review - Incorporate source material from your assigned article to establish the background of your research question.
  • Research Question, Operational Definitions, and Hypothesis - Explicitly state your research question, define special terms, and predict what you think the results of an observational study will find.
  • Research Design - list the steps that you followed in order to complete your observation so that if somebody wanted to copy your study, they could.
  • Data Analysis - Discuss the themes that emerged from your observational study journals and explain what they represent.
  • Discussion - Connect the themes you found with source material from the literature review to find consistencies and discrepancies.
  • Conclusion - Discuss what the research means for the future and what questions still need to be answered about your topic.

Data Analysis with Coding