• We are expecting that you come see us during office hours to get help and feedback on your draft. Office hour visits says so much about your ETHOS as scholar because it shows that you are taking action to learn so that you can earn the best possible grade. So, come on down!
  • Writing Center ---Is A REALLY IMPORTANT resource you should utilize this resource!
  • Hope the test went well!

Writer's Workshop and Working with Revision

  • Quick Food for Thought -- Arguments and Kairos
    • We are studying and learning how to make arguments in this class. You are constructing arguments in our writing. You are reading and learning about the arguments people made throughout America's history (at least up to the Civil War). The world outside of the classroom abounds and shimmers with arguments and history. Arguments like most everything occur in a specific contexts. Right now, when our country is dealing with the tragedy of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, many arguments are being put forth about gun violence in America and our Second Amendment rights from the Constitution. This weekend, take a few moments to listen to some of the arguments that are being put forth to notice how they are making use of ethos, pathos, and logos. What arguments are compelling to you?

Important Sources for Your Rhetorical Analysis

I am giving you this time to work on your draft quietly! I will cruise around the room offering help and encouragement!


Revision, revision, revision!

Reading Homework - Concept 4 All Writers Have More to Learn

Everyone should read all of Concept 4 in NWWK. However, groups of students will be assigned 1 of the sections (listed below). Each group should be prepared to give a brief presentation on Monday about their threshold concept.

Presentation Requirements

  • No more than 2 minutes - the group provides an overview and explanation of their concept.
  • Everyone should have a speaking part.
  • Each group member should select a quote from the passage and create a quotation sandwich for it.
    • Quote Sandwich Step 1-- Lead with Your Idea or Point about the passage.
    • Quote Sandwich Step 2 -- Insert the quote.
    • Quote Sandwich Step 3 -- Analyze, explain, comment on this quote.
  • "4.0 All Writers Have More to Learn" by Shirley Rose
  • "4.1 Text is an Object Outside of Oneself That Can Be Improved and Developed" by Charles Bazerman and Howard Tinberg
  • "4.2 Failure Can Be An Important Part of Writing Development" by Collin Brooke and Allison Carr
  • "4.3 Learning to Write Effectively Requires Different Kinds of Practice, Time, and Effort
  • "4.4 Revision is Central to Developing Writing" by Doug Downs
  • "4.5 Assessment is Essential Component of Learning to Write" by Peggy O'Neill
  • "4.6 Writing Involves the Negotiation of Language Differences'' by Paul Kei Matsuda

9:00 Section for Concept 4 10:00 Section for Concept 4 11:00 Section for Concept 4 12:00 Section for Concept 4