writing Into the Day -- Write up your quotation sandwich from NWWK, Concept 4.0!


  • Everyone will need to have their drafts in their Writing Folders for Wednesday's activity in Class --- Peer Review
  • The Final Draft of the Rhetorical Analysis is due on Friday, Feb. 23rd by the end of the day!
  • Last Call for Extensions for this paper happens on Wednesday. Your request should be sent via email to both me and your seminar instructor.

Activities with Concept 4.0 in NWWK

Reading Homework - Concept 4 All Writers Have More to Learn

Rhetorical Analysis and Peer Review

Rhetorical Analysis for 240 and 242

Rhetorical Analysis for 244 and 245

Shifting Gears and Looking Ahead to the Next Projects

  • The Research and Argument Project -- Taking That First Step: Choosing a Topic
  • The Blog Project
  • The LCE Final Reflection


  • Look over the Dr. Wooster's syllabus and the upcoming chapters in CV to see what you interests you! Compile a list of 5 possibilities!
  • Revision on Your Rhetorical Analysis