• No Late Work and the Extension Policy
  • Turning in the Critical Analysis Protocol
  • Let's review the Rubric for Grading Final Draft
  • How will we submit these papers?
    • Blackboard as a back up only.
    • Printed, stapled version due at the beginning of History.
  • Remember, WP 1 counts in all 3 LC E Courses


Peer Review Today ---Everyone should get the electronic version of his or her draft up and Running!

Do We All Know How to Use the Comment Function in Word???

The Basic Parts of the Paper

  • Introduction & thesis


  • Does the writer help the audience understand the historical setting and issues related to the primary source document?
  • What is working in the introduction?
  • What needs some Revision?


  • Is the thesis explicit and detailed about what is going to be discussed, explained, and argued in the paper? What needs some revision work?
  • Does it name the primary source document explicitly providing a date of publication and the author?
  • Does the writer use the thesis statement template?
  • Historical Context
  • Consider that is the writer's job to continually maintain and establish historical context throughout the paper. This means all ideas and points need an sufficient amount of context so that YOU the reader will a good understanding of what is going-on.
  • What needs revision and rethinking?
  • What needs more development in terms of explanation and evidence? Be specific!
  • Rhetorical Analysis of the Primary Source Document
    • Is the primary source properly identified and cited in this section?
    • Does the writer provide EVIDENCE--that is, quoted material from the primary source as evidence to support the analysis?
  • Does the writer cite a secondary source or sources to provide evidence and to help the writer understand the contents of the primary source document?
    • Are the quotes properly cited?
  • Conclusion
    • Is it a fully-developed paragraph?
    • Does it restate the thesis in an interesting and clever way?
  • Work Cited

Items to Consider

  • Paragraph structure
  • Metalanguage


  • Finish up Writing Project 1