• Due Date Change for the Rough Draft for the Critical Analysis -- February 10th
  • Starfish and Weeks 4,5, and 6 Participation
  • Quiz over Rhetorical Terms and reading on Thursday!
  • Black History Month Events
    • Open Mic Night at the Library (2nd Floor) at 6:00 to 7:30. Write a poem or just bring one to read! Food will be available!

Writing Project 1 - The Critical Analysis

Key Ideas and Concepts

  • Writing relies on process.
  • Writing is a knowledge-making activity
  • Writing is a social and rhetorical activity
    • All writing is embedded in a social/historical/temporal context
    • Writers have to consider and answer questions about audience and purpose:
      • Who is my audience? What do they believe? What do they expect?
      • What is my purpose for writing? What do want my audience to do with my writing?
  • Writing is a knowledge-making activity
  • A Word or Two about Your Homework --Glossary of Rhetoric Terms
  • Introduction & Thesis Statement Example
  • Historical Context

Homework for Thursday

Read the following:

  • Shitty First Drafts
  • In Naming What We Know, read:
    • 3.2 Writer's Histories, Processes, and Identities Vary by Kathleen Blake Yancey (52).
    • 4.0 All Writers Have More to Learn" by Shirley Rozen (59).

See our Blackboard and and complete the following assignments:

  • Textual Evidence --due on Wednesday by 5:00
  • Prewriting Assignment --- please turn in a prewriting by Thursday! I suggest scratching out your thesis sentence!