Reflections are personal accounts.

  • Therefore, the thesis for this type of essay should be personal.
  • Thesis example: In this essay, I am going to discuss my stress levels, how I have handled stress in the past, results of my stress assessment surveys, stress management strategies I learned from Learning Community I and through my own research, and a my stress management plan for the rest of the semester.
  • Reflections, in general, should avoid the use of second person "you." This is common mistake. You start advising others rather than thinking about yourself.

APA Citation Format and Style

  • Title page and running head issues. Please learn how to create an correct title page and running head to avoid losing points!
  • Some of you made use of ideas, statistics, definitions from outside sources but you did not cite these sources. Technically, this is a form of plagiarism and should be avoided at all costs. Cite any and all material that is not your own!

Missing Details and Examples