This Journal was designed to help you get comfortable working with some important conventions of academic writing:

  • Integrating and citing sources
  • Using the APA citation system for in-text citations and references
  • synthesizing information --taking two or more sources and using them in your writing in a coherent and thoughtful way
  • following directions
  • producing work for a deadline

Here is what I saw going on in your work

  • Not HANDLING WITH CARE Problems. Some of you quoted Lorber's work but attributed it to Gray. You must be really careful with other people's intellectual property!!!!
  • Page Problems - 1 page (p. 22) or (p. 750) --- more than one page (pp. 22-26) ---NO PG N0 (pg. 20)
  • Quoted Material Ain't Making NO SENSE Problems / #Never Make Your Reader say WTF!
    • Lorber (2016) names, “Gendered process, the social practices of learning, being taught…” (pp. 49).
  • Quoted Material has a pronoun (he, she, they) but Ain't nobody told the reader who in the heck this person or persons is/are / #Never Make Your Reader say WTF! Gotta provide context!!!!
    • Gray (2013) states, “she said. “We measure women the same way we measure water in cylinders, but no one says it because it’s mean” (para.4).
  • PROOFREADING - #WORD / #Never Make Your Reader say WTF! Gotta proofread!!!!'''
    • Jouranl is not a word
    • She wasn’t afraid to say what everybody else has ben wanting to say ...
  • DNFD -#Never Make Your Reader say WTF! Gotta Follow the Directions!!!!'''
  • Hello, it's APA --No first names!
  • No first names in APA!!!
  • You gotta introduce it ---- #Never Make Your Reader say WTF! Don't just say "This photo ....." What photo?????? You gotta introduce it!
  • DNTII --Did not turn it in = ZERO

Objectification of Women