Here is Some of the Things I Saw ...

Okay, I really enjoyed reading your work from these two assignments. What I noticed in your writing was that many of you were really struggling with making adjustments to writing and studying in a college setting in the following ways:

  • Not accustomed to writing more than 1 page papers.
  • Not accustomed to using a writing process
  • Not familiar with citation systems or only had used MLA
  • Not accustomed to being able to choose your own topic to write about
  • Not accustomed to seeking help or asking questions
  • Not accustomed to proofreading
  • Not accustomed to reading assignment instructions thoroughly
  • Not accustomed to the essay format of introduction with thesis, body, and conclusion
  • Not accustomed to using paragraphs as way to present and organize your thinking
  • Not accustomed to providing a thesis to guide your essays
  • Not accustomed to providing evidence to support your ideas
  • Not accustomed to doing course readings
  • Not accustomed to moving beyond "I'll just find the 'answer'" paradigm

Here is What I Would like to Focus on for the Rest of the Semester

Okay, I would like us to really focus on moving forward in our thinking as WRITERS! So, what does that mean?

  • Writers are always making decisions about what put in, what to take out, and what to keep just as it is.
  • Writers are thinking about what is it they truly want to say and convey. That is, writers consider their purpose.
  • Writers consider the needs of the audience.

Looking at some of the more concrete, practical skills, here is what I would like us to concentrate on:

  • using a variety of prewriting techniques
  • seeking help and feedback often from professors and peers
  • developing a strategy or strategies for introductions and conclusions
  • becoming more comfortable with developing and using thesis statements
  • getting better at assessing and evaluating all sorts of writing and rhetorical acts --yours, your peers, and others
  • becoming more comfortable with citation and APA format in general
  • using paragraphs to present and organize ideas and main points
  • learning how to fully develop ideas in your paragraphs