Remember -- We don't have face-to-face class today!

Dear Folks,

As promised, I have set new Blackboard assignment for Question 4 in Journals. This assignment is to be completed by Sunday at midnight and it will count 10 points and will also be counted as your attendance/participation/writing into the day for today's class, Feb. 9th.

If you take the time and effort to do a good job on this assignment, you will doing 3 cool things:

  • developing your writing skills
  • creating more knowledge/understanding/learning about American History
  • discovering more about yourself as learner and a thinker

Here are the instructions for this journal:

Use this document/link above to help you get to the heart of Question 4 on the Exam 1 Review Guide.

  • Copy and Paste this document into a file in your Writing Folder.
  • Title the file with something appropriate!
  • When you are ready to submit, you can submit a shareable link in the submission window of the Journal.
  • Or you can just copy and paste your work into the submission window and submit.

Answer all 12 questions to the best of your ability. Work with a friend or a study group to hash out the answers but everyone should write the answers in his or her own words!

This assignment due for Sunday, Feb. 11, by midnight!

We will be working with this on Monday --- so make certain you have this doc in your Writing Folder!