Welcome to Writing and Rhetoric in Learning Community E

Course Goals

Professor Burnett's Bespoke Goals for English 1302 in Learning Community E

  • Writing Into the Day
  • Creating a Culture of Argument that is based on evidence.
  • Creating a Culture of Community
  • Embracing complexity in our world and the idea of the "Wicked Problem."
  • Knowledge Practices and Dispositions
  • You are capable intellectual agents who can problem-solve, ask questions, conduct research, seek help, and are the guardians/shepherds of your own grades and lives. (I am just here to direct traffic and to be your advocate!)
  • Troublesome Knowledge and Moving Beyond the find the answer/fill-in-the-blank/5 paragraph essay Paradigm
  • Building ethos/credibility with your peers and faculty in Learning Community E

Reading Discussion


  • Read A Chapter on Rhetorical Analysis
  • Read Concept 1 - Writing is a Social and Rhetorical Activity in Naming What We Know (NWWK)
    • 1.0 Writing is a Social and Rhetorical Activity
    • 1.1 Writing is a Knowledge-Making Activity
    • 1.2 Writing Addresses, Invokes, and or Creates Audiences
  • Write in your Writing Folder. Work with the idea that "Writing is a Social and Rhetorical Activity" by considering how our course syllabus as an example. Can you build a mini-argument that our syllabus is a piece of writing that is both social and rhetorical in nature? You will turn this in in class on Monday. Just have it ready to go in your Writing Folder/Google Drive account.