Grading For Symposium Ground Rules

  • Everyone should come to class on November 28th prepared to present their research and learning in their group presentations.
  • Tri-fold Poster boards need to be professional in appearance and complete.
  • This presentation event is a "dress rehearsal" for the main event on the 30th. This means you should dress sharp with business casual attire.
  • Also, everyone should come to every class on this day because you will be needed as an audience and a peer reviewer for the other presentations.
  • Missing Seminar, Composition, and/or 0399 will result in substantial deduction to your grade.
  • Everyone will be asked to provide feedback to each presenter.
  • Burnett's Brainstorming for Symposium
  • Rubric for the Symposium Presentation

Presentations at 8:00

  • The Federalists Papers
    • Sam Grant
    • Sterling Jones
  • Rebellion
    • Carla Elizondo
    • Vanessa Acosta
    • Diana Santos
    • Ariel Perez

Presentations at 9:00

  • Slavery
    • Austin Blevins
    • Tiffany Luna
    • Dee Dee Cage
    • Yliana Ynclan
  • Civil War
    • Alex Mojica
    • Erin Fanning
    • Franchesca Ruiz

Presentations at 11:00

  • The Consequences of Westward Expansion
    • George Contreras
    • Nathan Jenkins
    • George Trejo
  • Slavery
    • Jacqui Sampson
    • Victoria Paradero
    • Desirae Cerda