Each group should discuss the topics, events, and key ideas that were presented in the readings and lectures on your particular day. Each group should provide a list of list of key terms with their definitions, focusing on significance.

  • You will need to present your findings in class on Wednesday and Friday.
  • Use the readings from both textbooks and lecture notes to put together your presentation.

For instance for this first section, you might want

Sept.26 The Confederation and the Search for Order

  • GML, 195-201


The Constitution and the Search for Order

  • GML, 201-217
  • CV, “The Conflict over the Constitution: Patrick Henry and James Madison”

Vanessa Acosta and George Trejo and Victoria Paradero

Sept. 30

Establishing a Government, I

  • GML, 222-225

Oct. 3

Establishing a Government, II

  • GML, 225-233 (Judith Sargent Murray)
  • CV, “Political Conflict in the Early Republic: Benjamin Franklin Bache and Alexander Hamilton”

Austin Blevins and Diana Santos and Franchesca Ruiz and Ariel Perez

October 5

The Jeffersonians, I

  • GML, 218-219, 233-242 (Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions; Gabriel’s Revolution; Lewis and Clark)

Oct 7

The Jeffersonians, II

  • GML, 243-247 (Hartford Convention),
  • CV, “Resistance and Western Expansion: Tecumseh and William Henry Harrison”

Dee Dee Cage and Desirae Cerda and Sterling Jones and Gabriel Reyes

Oct. 10

The Politics of Territorial Expansion

  • GML, 285-290 (American System; Panic of 1819), 292

Nicholas Chavez, George Contreras, Erin Fanning and Nathaniel Jenkins

Oct 12 Slavery in America, I GML, 312-337 (“paternalist ethos”; Denmark Vesey; Nat Turner)

Sam Grant and Tiffany Luna and Alex Mojica and Jacquie Sampson