Answering the Inquiry Questions -- My Sample

  • What are some of my writing struggles?

I struggle with knowing what I want to say and do in a big writing project and I get overwhelmed.

  • What is a strategy???

It is a method or a thought process for tackling a problem or a situation or an activity. It implies forward thinking, organizing, evaluation and analysis. If you have a strategy, it means you are actively thinking and planning to achieve a particular outcome.

  • What are some reading strategies that I use to address my struggles?

I am a very close reader and I like to take notes as I read for school stuff. However, I have noticed that this can really take a lot of time. And sometimes, I don't understand what I am taking notes over. It occurred to me that this intense method note-taking was not that effective because I was getting too caught up in details but not getting the BIG PICTURE. Now, I read quickly once through and get an overview. Then I go back and take notes. I found that this has increased my comprehension so much.

  • What are some revision strategies that I use to address my writing struggles?

I tend to revise as I go. This can be really laborious and time-consuming and I can do a lot of work on a paper and not get it completed. So, my strategy for this is to write quickly and just have a "shitty first draft" mentality. Then I give the draft a breather and I walk away from it. When I come back, I can see what I need to change so much better.

  • What is a college-level assignment? How is it different from a high school assignment?

Obviously, college assignments are harder than high school assignments. They take more time. They are graded differently. They are formatted differently. They really demand another whole level of thinking. Plus, they usually require that you use and cite other sources. This is hard!

  • How do I use reading and revision in my writing now that I am in college?

See above

  • Do my strategies always work?

I find I am always adjusting my strategies to fit the assignment and the particular problems I am encountering. For instance, I might figure out I am not understanding a concept. Then I have to say, Ok, what is your strategy? Ok, I am going to ask a friend to explain it.

  • What have I learned about myself as a writer and/or a learner by stopping to reflect on this?

I think I learned a bit about the importance of self-talk! I think I use dialogue with myself to keep me thinking and working toward achieving my goals. I guess self-talk is on-the-spot, in-the-moment reflecting!

  • How can I use the idea of "strategy" in other settings outside of school?

Obviously, I can use the strategy of "self-talk" for most anything! It's all about analyzing and evaluating situations and problems.