Chimene Burnett

Office:Classroom East 214 A
825-2150 First-Year Program Office
Office Hours:TR 11:30-2:30 in FC 128 or by appointment

Learning Community E
Courage, Conviction,and Composition: the American Experience through the Civil War
Spring 2018

Writing and Rhetoric 1302.2409:00-9:50amCCH 210
Writing and Rhetoric 1302.24210:00-10:50amCCH 207
Writing and Rhetoric 1302.24411:00-11:50amCCH 207
Writing and Rhetoric 1302.24512:00-12:50pmCCH 207
HIST 13012:00-3:15 pmCI 138

Learning Community L
The Role of Government and Democratic Political Culture
Spring 2018

UCCP.4818:30-9:20 amCS 108
UCCP.4809:30-10:20 amCS 108
POLS 230612:30-1:45 pmCI 138