• Do you want to use a laptop in large lecture?
  • Questions, Comments, and Concerns?
  • Please look at the Blackboard announcement Dr. Zoccolillo sent out this morning!

Personal Assessment Recap

  • How did it go?
  • What about APA?
  • Who is self-actualized?
  • Who is Mahatma Gandhi?
  • Remember the Reading Quiz in Psychology is due when???
  • Answer: Before Psych Class on Wednesday!

Reading Activity - Working with Journal Articles

Questions to Consider

  • What is a peer-reviewed journal article?
  • Who reads a peer-reviewed journal article?
  • Why peer review?
  • What kind of information is presented in a peer-reviewed journal article?

"Laptop multitasking hinders classroom learning for both users and nearby peers" - Reading Strategies''

Pre-Reading Strategies

  • Activate Background Knowledge
    • What do you know about "multitasking" and do you do it?
    • Do you use a laptop?
  • Scan and Predict
    • What is this article going to be about?
    • What stance is it going to take?
    • How many pages is this article and how long will it take you to read this thing given its level of difficulty?
    • How is the article organized?

During Reading Strategies

  • Keep Activating Background Knowledge
  • Read with Purpose! What kind of information do I need to get out of this particular article? (Skip or skim parts that are not needed! Focus intently on the target info and reread if necessary)
  • Take notes or mark on the article!
  • Think Aloud (Record yourself or read with a friend)
  • Write a summary for each paragraph (and then at the end for final summarization)
  • Practice active reading by asking question of the text
  • Cognition
  • Metacognition

Let's Create a Mini-Annotated Bibliography

  • Cite
  • Summarize
  • Reflect
  • Pull 5-7 important quotes

Your Next Assignment: The Mini-Annotated Bibliography