Bartolomae de Las Casas used his writing to go out into the world to make something happen!


  • Let's turn in your homework!

Writing is an activity and a subject of study -- The Writing Diagnostic

Today, we will be taking part in a "bona fide" research study and protocol. We will spend the entire class with this activity. At the end of class, you will turn in your writing to me for a regular participation grade and, if you so choose, to a research study.

Writing Diagnostic Activity


Reading and Homework from the 1st Day of Class


  • Read over your syllabus
  • In NWWK, read the following section: "Writing is a Social and Rhetorical Activity" by Kevin Rozen which begins on p. 17.

Writing Homework

  • Find example of a piece of writing in your life that you feel is an example of "Writing is a Social and Rhetorical Activity." This can be something you wrote or it can be something someone else wrote. It can be formal or informal. It can be a published or unpublished!
  • Bring the sample to class!
  • Feel free to conduct a little research if you are having trouble understanding the readings in Naming What We Know (NWWK). For instance, you might want to get a basic idea of what rhetoric is!