• Please put away cell phones for the duration of this class. If we need to conduct some research for classroom purposes, I will let you know. Otherwise, they should not be used! It will adversely affect your participation grade. (Remember that research shows that '''multitasking with technology in the classroom"' can impede learning for the multitasker and peers!)
  • Everyone in all three sections needs to pay attention to what is going on in Psychology and its Blackboard!
  • My seminar class will be mainly on this wiki! Check it for homework and daily class plans!
  • Section 382 and 384 will also need to pay attention to Professor Murphy's wiki page. He does not rely on Blackboard as much as Dr. Zoccolillo. Get in the habit of frequently checking his lesson plans to see what you need to be doing and turning in!
  • Section 391 needs a pop quiz.

Let's Talk about Culture

The Annotation Assignment

Your Next Assignment: The Mini-Annotated Bibliography

Homework: Read article before Monday and bring draft of your annotation assignment.