Note about Submitting Files on Blackboard

  • Blank Files will receive a zero. So, be very careful about submitting the correct file.
  • Submit the correct assignment to the correct spot. Each assignment in Blackboard is distinctly marked. Make certain you submit the correct assignment to its designated spot!
  • Make certain to submit files I can open easily and ready easily. Files with the .pages extension -- I can't open. Stick to Word or PDF files to be safe. TAMUCC provides word for free. So, no excuses!
  • Extra Credit Opportunity: There is an extra credit opportunity tomorrow afternoon in the UC. Here is a flyer with more information: Event Flyer Δ. If you attend, please write a two page response which includes your overall impression of the presentation, as well as a couple of things you learned from the discussion. In order to receive credit, you need to email me by Thursday at noon. This talk could be a great opportunity to think about culture!
  • Does everyone have an article assignment?

Annotation Assignment

Your Next Assignment: The Mini-Annotated Bibliography

Designing a Fake Experiment with your Topics

Purpose: To help understand the components of experiments for psychology.

  1. Step 1 --Get into your groups for the Annotation Assignment!
  • Independent Variable
  • Dependent Variable
  • Experiment Group
  • Control Group

Introduction to Observational Research Topics and Report?

  • Research Question
  • Operational Definitions
  • Hypothesis
  • Research Design