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5 Minute Freewrite --Pick Your Favorite Song and Conduct a Rhetorical Analysis!

  • Who is the singer?
  • What is the message of the lyrics?
  • What is the message of the music?
  • Do the lyrics match the song?
  • What idea or argument or lifestyle do the lyrics highlight?
  • How do the lyrics try to persuade you?

Let's Learn by Doing with Rhetorical Analysis

Each group will present their findings at the end of class! Everyone should have a speaking part. A quick tip about academic audiences: They expect EVIDENCE from their rhetors/writers/speakers. Make certain you have some evidence''' when you get up to speak! This means you will have reasons and examples that draw on the image to back up and support your analysis.

Writing Project 1 -- Critical Analysis over Ch. 2 in Contending Voices

Let's Talk About Bacon and Berkeley and The Rhetorical Situation


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