One of the more effective ways to promote transfer of learning from one course to further situations is to do the following:

  • identify key terms and concepts for your course subject;
  • use the terms regularly and explicitly;
  • apply the terms and concepts regularly, explicitly and intentionally; and
  • have students use / apply key terms and concepts regularly, in their daily work, homework, and especially in regular reflective writing.
1302 & 1311 Shared Key Terms ENGL 1302 Key Terms
Audience Audience
Purpose Purpose
Situation Rhetorical Situation: audience, purpose, context, exigency; Discourse Communities, and / or Activity Systems
Genre Genre and genre conventions
Research as Learning/ Information Literacy Research as Learning / Information Literacy
Process Composing Processes: planning, researching, drafting, sharing and responding, revising, editing, publishing, reflecting
Reflection, metacognition, transfer/expansion Reflection, metacognition, transfer/expansion