1.Choose the sentence with citation that has been correctly formatted.

  • (Ball and Charlton 2016) claim that “all writing is multimodal. (pg. 42).
  • Ball and Charlton (2016) claim that “all writing is multimodal" (p. 42).
  • Ball and Charlton claim that “all writing is multimodal (p. 42).”

2.Choose the sentence with citation that makes the most sense and is properly formatted.

  • Brooke and Carr (2016) note, “that successful writers aren’t those” (p. 62).
  • Brooke and Carr (2016) suggest that it is very important for students to learn “that failure is an opportunity for growth” (p. 63).
  • Brooke and Carr explain that the author of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling had to struggle with failure before she became a successful writer (2016).

3.Underline every signal phrase on this exercise. Many of you only underlined the verbs in the single phrases. Signal phrases are more than just a verb! A good source for using signal phrases with APA

  • Ball and Charlton (2016) claim
  • Brooke and Carr (2016) explain

4.TRUE! - APA is known as the author/date system because the author and date are always kept together.

5.Choose the sentence or sentences with citation that has been incorrectly formatted.

  • Rose (2016) points out, “all writers always have more to learn about writing.” (p. 59) Not formatted correctly!
  • Rose (2016) points out, “all writers always have more to learn about writing” (Rose, 2016, p. 59). Not formatted correctly!
  • It is important to realize that “all writers always have more to learn about writing” (Rose, 2016, p. 59). This is done correctly!

6.True: For every source cited in-text, you need a corresponding citation on your References that provides the complete bibliographic information.

7.Why do writers cite the ideas of others? Please choose all that apply:

  • To avoid charges of plagiarism
  • To acknowledge the intellectual property of other writers and researchers
  • To provide support and evidence based on credible, published information for one’s own ideas
  • To meet the page requirements for the assignments

8.False: In general, it is okay to begin or end a paragraph with a quotation. This is false because, in general, you want to lead and end with your own ideas rather than the ideas of others.

9.Student writers should cite all material that is not common knowledge. Please circle the sentence that would need citation. The first two NEED citation!! ANY statistical information is not common knowledge! YOu? must cite. Also, anytime you say that you refer to research, your readers will expect you cite this information. When Do I Cite? Source

  • Rough estimates indicate that 20% of the world’s adults own more than 90% of the planet’s wealth.
  • Research indicates that income inequality is a growing global problem.
  • Poverty is a global problem.
  • Cows have four legs

10. T or F: Citation is fun, fun, fun! (Your choice, your construction of reality! (;