Writing and Rhetoric Syllabus for All Sections

A syllabus is a common genre that is used in college courses all over the world! Thinking about the threshold concepts in writing from Naming What We Know, we have a great example with the syllabus for the following threshold concepts and ideas:

Threshold Concept 1

  • 1.0 Writing is social and rhetorical activity
  • 1.2 Writing addresses, invokes, and/or creates audiences
  • 1.3 Writing expresses and shares meaning to be reconstructed by the reader
  • 1.5 Writing mediates activity
  • 1.8 Writing involves making ethical choices
  • 1.9 Writing is a technology through which writers create and recreate meaning

Threshold Concept 2

  • 2.0 Writing speaks to situations through recognizable forms
  • 2.1 Writing represents the world, events, ideas, and feelings
  • 2.2 Genres are enacted by writers and readers
  • 2.4 All writing is multimodal
  • 2.6 Texts get their meaning from other texts